Another View of Arandas

Here’s another sunset view of the Parroquia de San José Obrero in Arandas, shot from the rooftop of the Hotel Paris.  I like this one as you can see the town spreading out below the church.  This was taken shortly after the sun set, and the colors were more muted.  A little later, they became much more vibrant.


I’ve probably processed this photo a dozen times now and I’m still not quite happy with it.  However, it is the most liked photo ever on my Instagram account, and has since been shared twice by other Instagram accounts that re-share photos of Mexico, and has received a very positive reaction there as well.



2 comments on “Another View of Arandas”

  1. Barbaara Diaz says:

    I also love this photo. It perfectly captures the tranquility just after sunset and the welcome cool of the evening. Thank you.

  2. Dean says:

    Peter you have seen a couple of my youtube presentations, you should consider making a youtube slideshow like I do and include of course captions so people know what they are looking at. Things come alive on youtube, use at least 3.5 seconds for each photo. And you could add some church organ music as background. I would love to see this!

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