Dawn in Collioure

We visited Collioure this summer during a trip through Southern France.  The town is located just north of the Spanish border, along the Mediterranean.  The town has a several rocky beaches, an impressive church, many restaurants, and beautiful alleys meandering through the old town.  It’s a fabulous place to spend a few days, or maybe more.  We liked it so much we ended up spending three days.

I got up early each morning to try my hand at some sunrise photography, plus the beach was deserted and the swimming was wonderful.  One morning, I climbed a hill across town and took a photo of the harbor:

Collioure at Dawn

Collioure at Dawn

The sun was about ready to come up, but the town lights were still on.  The lights in Collioure had a very yellow cast to them, which is imparted on the walls of the church and buildings.  The water was a turquoise blue, and the sky tinged with pink.  There are some very late night (or at this point, very early morning) revelers enjoying a few drinks along the beach.

2 comments on “Dawn in Collioure”

  1. Catherine Hicks says:

    Your photos are endlessly inspiring. Thank you.

    1. Peter says:

      Wow, you just made my day!

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