Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse

The Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse is one of my favorite things about Ludington.  I’ve been vacationing in Ludington for many years, and no trip is complete without several walks out to the lighthouse.

When I visited in April, the goal was to get some cool photos of the lighthouse with the setting moon.  I picked two days when I’d have a nearly full moon.  One day, the moon would set shortly before sunrise.  The second, the moon would set about 15 minutes after sunrise.  It turns out to be a lot easier to photograph the moon when the sun is up, there’s enough ambient light to make a nice photo without having to do longer-exposure photography, which can be a problem with a setting moon (it moves fast!)

This photo was probably the best photo of the bunch.  I tried to line the moon and the lighthouse up, and I think it turned out well.  I had some really nice light that morning.

By the way, this lighthouse is angled by design, and it is particularly noticeable from this vantage point.  I keep wanting to level this photo out, but that’s really the way the lighthouse looks.


Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse and Moon

Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse and Moon

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