Sunset Silhouettes in South Haven

I caught the sunset in South Haven last week during a short trip to photograph lighthouses.  There was a lot of color in the sky that night, and I thought the silhouetted lighthouse was pretty cool.  Although I don’t usually like people in my landscape photos, in this case, I purposely took photos with people in them.  I like that they’re silhouetted, plus they give some scale and and an interesting human element to the photo.

Sunset in South Haven, Michigan.

Sunset in South Haven, Michigan.


I’ve been to South Haven twice this year to take lighthouse pictures, and I’ll probably have to go back.  My intent was to get a shot of the lighthouse with the moon, but it didn’t really turn out.


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  1. Good one. I know what you mean about including people in your photographs, especially when you are drawn to landscapes and cityscapes against nature backdrops, but you are right, the people really work here, especially the person at the far right who is nicely framed by the pier arches.

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